Sanctuary: Season 1

The other day I got my car smogged. I live in California, we have to do an emissions test biannually. It’s no big surprise. My truck was rebuilt almost exactly two years ago, so while I thought that maybe it wouldn’t pass, I was still surprised that it didn’t.

And mopey. Oh, how I moped. I sat around in my pajamas, ate quesadillas, and listened to mopey music. In my moping I found something new to mainline on Netflix. It’s this ridiculous show called Sanctuary.

I was trying to figure out how to describe this show. It’s like Torchwood without the Dr. Who canon. Or, the X-Files plus Zoo Tales. Think ridiculous times one hundred, plus all the mythical and alien stories you’ve ever heard.

The basic story line is that Dr. Will Zimmerman, whose mother was killed by an unknown “abnormal” when he was 8, is a brilliant investigator. He recently was kicked out of the “bureau” (not sure which it’s supposed to be), for his propensity to become too involved in too many bizarre cases. Think Fox Mulder. He relentlessly pursues only the most ridiculous of solutions to crimes, because they are the ones that fit best. Can’t figure out who got into the vault? It must be men who can collapse their skeletons and squeeze their bodies through tight spaces like toothpaste!

Anyhow, Will gets kicked out of the bureau and is now working for the police. He’s barely tolerated there. He’s weird, notices everything and doesn’t give up on forming his own ideas even after a fall guy is found. This propensity to not give up and accept easy answers soon causes him to cross paths with Dr. Helen Magnus. She offers him a job working with her to find, protect and research the “abnormals” in our world. Genetic misfits that are the source of all human mythology.

In very little time Will joins Magnus’ merry band. The team is quite an eclectic mix. Magnus’ enforcer is her daughter Ashley, her techno dweeb is reluctant werewolf Henry, and her beastly aid is the unnamed cromagnum-looking man credited as Bigfoot.

Together the band goes about researching odd stories, unearthing old monsters, and discovering new ones. All the while they’re running counter to the mysterious Cabal, a secret society that collects the abnormals of the world for their own gain. *cue spooky music*.

Overall it’s been fun to watch and distract myself from the real world with. I don’t know that I’d recommend someone sit down and watch it with a critical eye, but definitely, if you’re looking for something light hearted and easy to make fun of, this is your ticket.

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